What to Expect


It can be awkward visiting a church when you don’t know what to expect. We hope that our website will help you feel more at ease. Below are some FAQs many people have when considering visiting a church. If you have a question that isn’t addressed please feel free to email us through our Contact Us page.


What are the services like?
This is a hard question to answer briefly, as we have three weekly services at Silver Valley A/G and each one is different. You can visit the Weekly Services page for a description of the different services and what to expect at each one. Please be assured, though, that no matter what service you decide to attend you will not be asked to wear a nametag or be singled out as a visitor and embarrassed in any way. What you will experience is a warm welcome, a chance to get connected with others, and an opportunity to encounter God and be forever changed by His love.


What should I wear?
At Silver Valley A/G what you wear is not a big deal. Most of the people who attend dress pretty casually. Blue jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies are more often seen than suits and dresses. We encourage you to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer to dress more formally for church you are welcome to do so, but it is by no means required or expected.


Do you have Children’s Church or childcare available?
On Sundays we have Sunday School for preschoolers to 5th graders during the 9:30 service and Children's Church during the 10:45 service. We do provide childcare in the nursery for babies and toddlers age 2 and under at the 10:45 service but are unable to provide that during the 9:30 service. On Wednesday evenings we have a service for children in preschool through 5th grade but we are not able to provide childcare for infants and toddlers. You are welcome to bring your infant or toddler to church on Wednesday nights and for the 9:30 Sunday School service but you will need to keep them with you.


Can my child stay with me during service instead of attending Children's Church or being in the nursery?
You are welcome to let your child stay with you during service if that’s more comfortable for you. We do, however, encourage you to let your child try staying in the nursery or attending Children's Church. We strive to provide a loving, comfortable atmosphere to help show children even at the earliest ages that church is a good place to be. Letting your child attend Children's Church or stay in the nursery also frees you for worship and reduces distractions. If your child deals with separation anxiety or extreme shyness let us know and we will do what we can to help your child work through those issues and become comfortable being in Children's Church or the nursery.


Can I attend Children's Church with my child or stay with my child in the nursery?
We understand a parent's desire to help their child through a new church experience by attending Children's Church with their child or staying in the nursery with babies and toddlers. However, for the safety of all of the children it is our policy that all adults and teens serving in the nursery or at Children's Church have been screened and approved to work with kids. Because of this policy we prefer for parents and guardians to leave the children’s area after they have signed in their children. We do at times allow parents and guardians to attend Children's Church with their child but we encourage them to do so only as a means to ensure their child is adjusting to the class and to leave when it's apparent they are doing well. We also allow PSR workers to attend Children’s Church to work with their clients if attending church is considered part of their rehabilitation. If you have questions or concerns about our policy please feel free to contact us and bring them to our attention.


Are special needs children allowed to attend Children's Church?
We will do our best to work with parents/guardians of children with special needs to provide the best care possible. However, many Children's Ministry workers are not trained to care for children with special needs and may feel unable to handle them. If there isn’t a worker scheduled for the service who feels able to handle a special needs child we may ask the person who brought them to church to allow the child to stay with them during service. We also at times may allow a parent, guardian, or care giver to attend Children's Church with a special needs child if that is in the best interest of the child. However, because of our policy we prefer to allow that only if necessary. If your child has special needs we would love to learn more about your child and what our church can do to provide the care they need.


Will I be expected to give money?
While we do collect offering on Sundays during our main service we don’t expect or require you to contribute. Giving of tithes and offerings is simply another way to worship God, and is voluntary.